The Illinois State Al-Anon Convention is a key event to celebrate recovery in the Al-Anon/Alateen fellowship. It is a yearly event for Al-Anon, Alateen and AA members. Families, friends or anyone wishing to learn more about these programs are welcome to attend as well. All Al-Anon and AA meetings are “open,” meaning anyone can attend them. All Alateen meetings are “closed” meetings, meaning only Alateen members can attend.

The convention is supported by two Areas, Southern and Northern Illinois Al-Anon Family Groups. Each Area takes a turn hosting the convention each year. The hosting committee selects the convention site within their Area and plans the details of the event. Often, members from both Areas volunteer their services during the convention, making the event more unified between the two Areas.

Although Al-Anon may participate in AA events with Al-Anon participation, this is the only event hosted exclusively by Al-Anon at the Area level. This makes the convention a unique celebration with a wide participation of members. All members, from both Southern and Northern Illinois AFG are encouraged to attend.