Friday Night – Cathy W., Lisle, IL (Al-Anon)

Friday Night – Ericka M., Cedar Rapids, IA (AA)

Saturday Afternoon – Mike M., Cedar Rapids, IA (AA)

Saturday Night – Barbara W., Columbus Ohio (Al-Anon)

Sunday Morning – David E., Chicago, IL (Al-Anon)

Speaker Bios – 2023 Illinois AFG Convention

Friday Night – Cathy W., Lisle, IL (Al-Anon)

Hi, my name is Cathy and I’m a grateful member of Al-Anon since 2016. I came to Al-Anon at the suggestion of a therapist, though my lovely husband suggested it many times. I was only willing to receive the message from a nonalcoholic. I came because I wanted to be a better mom, I had a 3 year old at the time and she was the most important thing in my life. I now know that I came to Al-Anon for me and to this day Al-Anon is the only thing that has sustained my sanity and serenity. I keep coming back.

Saturday Night – Barbara W., Columbus, Ohio (Al-Anon)

After attending open AA meetings (because this was “his” problem, and there was nothing wrong with me), I accepted the nudge from AA members to give Al-Anon a try in March, 1992. For the first time in years, I discovered me – what I like, what I don’t like, a true act of self-discovery. I learned how to take care of me and how to live life NOT expecting other people to change so I didn’t have to. I learned how to set a boundary and how to respect your boundaries. I learned that if I stay in service, we will meet again.

Sunday Morning – David E., Chicago, IL (Al-Anon)

I came to Al-Anon on June 7, 2004 when I felt I could neither stay in my marriage to my alcoholic spouse nor leave. I thought I was an expert on all things including spirituality, so it didn’t make sense that I was so miserable. I was sick of the drinking, the abuse, the broken furniture, broken promises and broken relationship. I was sick of it all; I just didn’t know that it was I who was also sick with the family disease of alcoholism. Fortunately I was in so much pain that I took the advice of an old-timer at my first meeting:&nbsp”Pray to be teachable.” The 12 Steps, a Higher Power and awesome sponsorship saved me from the abyss. Today I’m beyond grateful to share my experience, strength & hope with others seeking a new way of life through this wonderful program.

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